Your Future Fertility:

Center For Disease Control Study

The Center for Disease Control conducted an extensive review of studies worldwide about the effect of abortion on future childbearing. They concluded that vacuum aspiration does not pose a measurable risk to a woman's childbearing ability. Compared to women who carry their first pregnancy to term, women who terminate their first pregnancy by vacuum aspiration abortion are at no greater risk of infertility or ectopic pregnancy in the future.

What Can Go Wrong

Overall, the effects of one or even multiple vacuum aspiration abortions on future childbearing are small.  Very rarely, a woman may have a severe complication that necessitates the removal of the uterus or a severe untreated infection that may cause scarring in the tubes or uterus.  In general, complications from continuing a pregnancy to term are 10 times more frequent than terminating the pregnancy by surgical abortion.

The procedure used at the West End Women's Medical Group is the simplest and most modern method of pregnancy termination.

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picYou'll find our office is out of the way, yet easy to find.  If you are coming to our office for a medical appointment, you may enter through the gate in front and drive to the main entrance which is not visible from the street.  Entry is not allowed for any other reason than a legitimate medical appointment.  Our patients' privacy and security is too important to us to allow any exceptions.


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