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Women of all ages seek help with pregnancies for reasons that are and should remain personal and confidential to them. At the West End Women’s Medical Group, we understand and respect a woman's absolute right to privacy and personal choice. We have constructed a doctor’s office in which the latest proven techniques can be safely practiced by professional, highly skilled staff. We maintain an environment that also protects the patients' rights to confidentiality, respect and outstanding specialized care.

The West End Women’s Medical Group Office has been featured around the world in News Broadcasts from CNN, The BBC, ABC, Fugi TV-Tokyo, and others.  It is literally the practice that wrote the book on the latest abortion techniques, a book being used by physicians and universities around the world.

Please take a moment to tour our website and learn a little more about us. You will find we stand ready to provide help and to give simple honest answers to hard questions so that you can answer the most important question yourself.  Here are a few areas you may want to research for yourself as you decide on where to seek help (our office staff are ready to give you direct answers to help you understand what we offer at the West End Women's Medical Group):

  • Options - what is the right option for you?
  • Expertise - is the person taking care of you truly a specialist in the procedure?
  • Confidentiality - is it real or will others know?
  • Cost - what is the total cost, not just the first - over the phone - cost quote?
  • Safety - what are the safety issues with regard to complications and physical safety?

We are proud to say that the West End Women's Medical Group is the ONLY Medical Office in Reno Certified by the National Abortion Federation.

Dr. Stutes

Dr. Stutes leads a team specialized in providing unequaled patient comfort, care and safety. Housed in a nationally renowned facility built specifically to provide safe confidential abortion services in a comfortable caring environment, the West End Women's Medical Group specializes in abortion and women's reproductive services.

How to find us:

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pic Our office location and layout are chosen and designed to protect our patients' privacy and security. You'll find our office is out of the way, yet easy to find.  If you are coming to our office for a medical appointment, you may enter through the gate in front and drive to the main entrance which is not visible from the street.  Entry is not allowed for any reason other than a legitimate medical appointment.  Our patients' privacy and security is too important to us to allow any exceptions.



Do your research and make your decision thoughtfully, yet quickly.  Earlier terminations are less complicated.  You will find our staff to be knowledgeable and ready to help with your questions.



































































































































































































































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